Super hydrating watermelon juice

This is the ultimate hydrating juice for hot summer days. I want to sip this all day long, and dream of the beach... especially since summer is really not happening here in the Bay Area. I know I keep writing about this, because seriously, where are you sun?!? I can not wait for our little holiday next week. We are off to Bali, relaxation heaven, and you can bet I will be ordering this juice every day by the pool :-)

Watermelon is super hydrating by itself. Often you will find people go on about the amount of sugar in watermelon, to which I just throw my hands in the air and go "really?!". Fruit sugar is not a problem for the majority of us. What is a problem is the added sugar in salad dressing, baked goods, processed, packaged foods, I can go on and on. Enjoy your watermelon, and any other fruit for that matter, knowing you are nourishing your body with so many amazing vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients, and look the other way when nay sayers cross your path.

Coconut water can hydrate you even quicker than regular water, because of its high mineral content. I miss the days when I used to walk down my street in Bangkok, and have the lovely coconut lady chop open a fresh coconut for me to drink. It's just the best in extreme heat. Raw coconut water from the refrigerated section is the next best thing. Do not go for packaged coconut water in the juice aisle. This has been heated, and often sugar has been added, making it sugar water rather than real coconut water.

Combining watermelon and coconut water with the vitamin c bomb lemon makes for such a tasty juice, you will never want another drink by the pool again. This recipe uses a juicer to make a super silky smooth juice, but you could also throw the ingredients in a blender and make it more of a smoothie. Hey, I get it, I often can't be bothered to get the juicer out either for just one juice. So go ahead and dump it all in the blender. You may just want to strain out any seeds after blending and before drinking or make it easy on yourself and get seedless watermelon.

Preparation time: 5 minutes (with clean up time for the juicer maybe double that :-()

Makes 1 big serving or 2 smaller ones:

  • 1 cup chopped watermelon

  • 1 lemon

  • ½ cup coconut water (raw not heated, which means you will find it in the refrigerated section, not in the juice aisle)

  1. Run the watermelon through the juicer first.

  2. Then cut off the peel from the lemon, cut it in half, and run it through the juicer. If you have an organic lemon, you can put the whole thing in the juicer with the peel.

  3. Stir the coconut water into the juice, and enjoy.

Happy hydrating!

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