My book pick of the month is now up!

At the end of 2013 I set myself an audacious New Year's resolution: read one book a week. 52 books in 2014. I wanted to do something I enjoy doing, not for the sake of growing my business or working on my relationship. As a child I had loved reading, so why not make that my happy New Year's resolution? I can't tell you how much I fell back in love with books, my time every night, going to bed, turning off all electronics, and just sitting down to read. I have kept this goal every year since, and now I have created a whole new page dedicated to my favorite and most inspiring reads. Every month I will put up a new book, and I hope you will find some inspiration in them, too. The pick of September is up now, and if you are expecting or a relatively new mom, you will love this book "The First Forty Days".


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