Movement versus exercise

Every day on my Instagram stories I give a tip of the day: from a quick nutrition fact, to exercises you can do on the run, or insights into a healthier lifestyle. Today I talked about three movements to add to your daily life to ease aches and pains specifically neck, back, and hip pain. Check them out quickly before they go away! :-)

I think the distinction between movement and exercise is so important in today's sedentary life we all lead. Our bodies were designed to move all day, not sit at desks in front of phones and computers. Our bodies were meant to walk, run, hunt, climb; all with ease. Yet most people can't pull their own body weight up. And because we don't have natural movement in our body anymore, we have introduced exercise to make up for the hours of sitting every day: 30 minutes at the gym, an hour at Zumba class, 90 minutes at yoga. These exercise sessions make us move, sweat, stretch, lift, push, pull, squat, and jump, but they are not enough.

Now don't get me wrong. There are many people saying "don't exercise, just move more", and I tend to disagree with that statement. We need specific exercises to work against the issues that come up with sitting all day: tight hips, painful backs, strained necks, etc. Exercising is an amazing tool, one we should definitely use to correct our body imbalances. Only exercising though, will never make us pain free.

Exercises are like band aids, quick fixes that help in the moment. In the longterm we need to change the way we move throughout the day. We have to rethink movement.

Moving our body should never just be limited to the time we are at the gym or a fitness studio. We want to bring movement into everything we do. Of course the reality is that we will still continue sitting for the majority of our day. Nevertheless, there are so many little things we can do, to make our aches and pains better. Be that squatting down mindfully to pick things up from the floor - especially children! Or walking more by parking a little further away from our destination. While you sit, move around on your chair, move your legs back and forth, alternate the cross over, and let your spine flow from side to side. All of this will help to release tension that builds up after minutes and hours in the same position. The more we move our body, the more we lubriacte our joints to stay healthy and strong. And isn't that what we all want? Aging with ease, and being able to move indepentetly for a long time to come? I would love to hear from you how you incorporate more movement into your every day life. Leave me a comment below!

Now go and shake your body!

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