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“There is no one way for every human on the planet to eat, despite that holy grail having been searched for, for aeons. This book is […] about how so many of you no longer trust your own instincts and desires, and that you feel like your tastebuds and your body betray you.”

I wanted to share the December book pick early, so you can put this on your Christmas wish list or even make it the best gift you are giving this year. Quick logistics note: this book is not available on Amazon, you need to order it directly from Dr. Libby’s homepage, and have it shipped internationally. Trust me, it’s all worth it!

Now, let me introduce you to New Zealand’s favorite nutritionist, Dr. Libby. What can I say about this book, except that it should be your bible? I love Dr. Libby for everything she stands for, but with this book she has outdone herself, and summarized everything we need to know about food. It is everyting I talk about with my clients in a book form to have and to hold forever. Think of this book as a guide through nutrients, real and fake food, how to eat to nourish your own body, and how to navigate food claims and trends.

“The way you feed yourself is the most basic, most fundamental way you demonstrate care for yourself.”

If you think of food as your enemey, if you think your body is working against you and punishing you, then you need to dive into Dr. Libby’s work. With “What Am I Supposed To Eat?”, Dr. Libby gently guides you to tune out all the noise around food, diets, and calories, and instead encourages you to listen to your own body again.

In the beginning of the book she immidately addresses the biggest problem with diets right now: counting calories. Even people who say they don’t count calories will still say “oh no thank you, that’s too many calories or too fattening” to a big slice of birthday cake. Yet, the very concept of counting calories is flawed on many levels, because it was developed in the earlier part of the 20th century, when we were thinking about survival in war with real foods. The things we think of as food today are not real food, and do no behave in our body the same way as real food does, hence making calorie couting useless. There is so much more to food!

“The way to not get caught up in food and nutrition

fads is to remember that when it comes to food,

Nature gets it right, and it is potentitally human intervention that can get it so wrong.”

Next, Dr. Libby breaks down food into the macronutrients fat, carbs, and protein. She talks about each one in detail, addressing problems such as too much sugar, low carb diets, high protein diets, and cutting out fat for eating less calories. She addresses all vitamins and minerals, how they work in our body, where we can get them from, and how to check yourself to see if you have deficiencies. In the end, she always comes back to nature. If nature made it, it is good for us, while man made foods are what cause our problems around food, weight, and disease. It is a simple mantra, but one that you will continue to explore throughout the pages. It requires a lot of change in your own thoughts, as well your daily time managmenet. Making real food requires time and effort, but one that you will hopefully learn is well worth the effort.

"When you stop eating processed foods that interfere with your body's natural rhythms and signals, you will get back in touch with what your body, not your tastebuds, wants. You will learn to trust yourself again. You have your own inner compass. allow yourself to tune in."

Dr. Libby guides you to learn how to listen to your body again. Rather than listening to “experts” on what you should be eating, she clearly explains what your body goes through, what it needs, and how you can listen to it. If you have ever been confused around food, what to eat, and how to eat, then you will find answers in this book.

Every question you have ever had around food will get answered in these pages:

  • am I getting enough … [insert your favorite nutrient here]?

  • I feel so tried, am I iron deficient?

  • how can I lose weight and not feel hungry all the time?

  • what fat should I be eating?

  • how do I choose the right kind of meat?

  • why has the … diet worked for me before, but it’s not making me lose weight anymore?

  • and so much more!

"Mostly you make your food choices about the physical nourishment of your 'Earth suit' - providing it with the nutrients it needs to drive all of the biochemical reactions that essentially create your health. But somtimes you need soul food, which is catching up with your friends. [...] There are times when you will do well when you ask the question "Will this nourish me?" with reference to your soul."

Dr. Libby’s approach is never radical, and never a one-size-fits-all approach. She knows you, she knows your challenges around food and your body image, and she will give you plenty of ideas and options to make changes to nourish you to a healthier you. Read this book, you will not regret it!

P.S.: A little update. I believe this book has been recalled and is being reprinted. :-( Which means it probably won’t be added to your stockings this Christmas, but definitely keep it on your reading list for 2018!

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