Fitness Advent Calendar Day 8

Welcome back to the Fitness Advent Calendar challenge. Today's theme is not at all what you may expect: Eat, Drink, Move. This session is not here to punish you, and "work off" all the foods and drinks you've been having at holiday parties. Instead, we want to celebrate our body in this session. It's all about enjoying what you are eating and drinking without any guilt or stressing out about it. Because as we know, any kind of stress adds more weight to your waist. So let's focus on deep breathing together in this session, and celebrate what our body can actually do. This session is done on a mat. You can also do it on a soft carpeted area, but definitely not on the bed this time. You need a more stable ground to work on today. The exercise video is now up on YouTube.

Also check out the "Surviving the Holidays" ebook, where I go into much more detail about the relationship between stress and gaining weight during the holidays. Plus a ton of tips to add more downtime to this stressful season, recipes, and self care rituals.

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Have a great day!

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