I love a fresh start into a new year. I love all the promises it holds of new goals, new dreams, and new adventures. Usually these are tarnished with some kind of weight goal. A goal of losing x lbs to look better. Because then that would make me a better person, right? No. Absolutely no.

Your weight does not define who you are. Your weight does not make you a good or bad person, pretty or not. Your weight is a useless number on the scale that puts you down: your mood, your emotions, and your health. Because the more you worry about the number on the scale, the more you attack your body’s immune system. Stress = sickness. There is no other way of putting it.

You don’t need another diet this year or another tough fitness regime. What you need is more self love. Because it all comes down to loving yourself as much as you love other people - even more! We have no problem being kind and loving to others, and yet we hate ourselves and our body so much. We hate the size of our thighs, our crooked toes, the unevenness of our eyes. We hate that we cry too much, and get too emotional in the worst moments. We hate so much about ourselves and show no love, no kindness to the person who deserves it the most. We may have all these plans to change the world, but that can only start with us loving ourselves.

To start 2018 on a different note than every other year, I am declaring January #selflovejanuary. December was all about family and friends and co workers. February will all be about relationships. January is for us. January is the month to take better care of ourselves. To take a long walk and enjoy the fresh air instead of going for a quick run on the treadmill. To eat foods that give us energy instead of draining us and making us feel sorry for ourselves. To take more bubble baths, read more books, watch more chick flicks, and cry whenever we want.

Self love is being kind and loving to yourself. The kindness and love you show to other people, show that to yourself this January. You don’t need weight loss, you need self love. It all begins with self love. So come and join me this month for daily self love tips over on Instagram stories, for exercises that help our body stay strong and heal it instead of exhaust it, and for nourishing recipes that don't take away everything we love.

Happy New Year!

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