Exercise for strong feet for #selflovejanuary

A new exercise video is here for you over on the YouTube channel. Since I have declared January #selflovejanuary, I am completely focusing on taking care of your body in this new three part video series. With this first video we are addressing foot health - something most people never think about until they have pain in their feet that prevents them from walking and moving freely. Feet are the foundation of our body, and we often completely neglect their strength and flexibility, even with most regular exercise programs. So come and join me for the next 25 minutes to show you feet some much needed love. And once you know the exercises, you can incorporate them into your daily exercise routine or even do them while brushing your teeth :-).

You will need a few props for these exercises: a mat, a tennis ball, a yoga block (a stepping stool or a step in your house will also work), and a yoga strap (or elastic Pilates band or towel). A tennis ball is a great investment. It's cheap, it travels well, and you can use it for tension release everywhere in your body! Also check out this hip tension release video with the tennis ball.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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