How to avoid shoulder injuries exercise routine for #selflovejanuary

When you have a shoulder injury, you often stop exercising, wait until it is healed, only to do the same exercises again and re-injure yourself. Does this sound familiar? In order to truly heal from an injury, you also have to learn new movement patterns. The movement that got you to the injury needs to be changed to a movement that supports your joint and muscle structures. This is of course true for every injury, but today we specifically work on the shoulders. The shoulders are quite a lose joint with a big range of movement. Often there are imbalances in the many muscles, that work together to keep the shoulder stable. I will show you today how to set yourself up in your mind for a good movement in common weight bearing exercises on the hands like planks and push ups. Plus we will work with light dumbbells on balancing out all muscles to help heal you from current injuries. The 35 minute video is now up on YouTube.

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