New mom and baby stretches for the first 6 weeks after birth

Today's video is for all your new moms out there. Those first 6 weeks are a whirlwind of nursing, diaper changes, spit up, and surviving on the tiniest chunks of sleep. Add to that the constant nagging feeling that our bodies should have already bounced back to their original shape, and this is a storm of an emotional rollercoaster!

The saddest part is that we lose sight of what this time could really be about: bonding with this tiny human being, that relies on you for EVERYTHING. Kind of a stranger - kind of someone you've grown and already know. This is the time to celebrate the epic superpowers you just used: you grew a human being! You then birthed it out of your body, and if you are currently nursing, the milk you provide let's this human being survive. This is absolutely epic, and every mom is superwoman to me!!! It absolutely doesn't matter if your body is still soft, can't hold itself up because of a lack of core muscles, and you also need a diaper for all the blood loss you are still experiencing. It's all good! It's all right! Your body knows exactly what to do to help shrink it back slowly. You just need to be patient. It took you 9 months to get to this state, expect 9 months until you may feel like yourself again. It's not just the shape and your clothes size that changed during pregnancy, all your structural elements like ligaments and muscles changed to accommodate the belly. All of this needs time, so give yourself that time.

This was a very long introduction to today's video. This is meant for the first 6 weeks postpartum, where you absolutely do not need to get up for a run or do some sit ups. You want to let your body heal, and only move it in ways to release tension and help with pains and aches, like a tight chest from holding and nursing baby or back pain from birth. These exercises are all meant to be done in bed, while baby can be sleeping on your chest. All exercises are focused on breath, because when was the last time you were able to take a full, deep breath into your belly?

The video is now up on YouTube, come and join me!

Enjoy this precious time with baby to relax and restore. It will help to avoid post-natal depletion.


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