5 minute morning stretches in bed to start the day energized

Do you hit the snooze button a few times every morning, before you drag yourself out of bed and to your coffee machine? Stay in bed today, and join me for 5 minutes of stretches to wake up the body in a gentle way. You will feel refreshed and energized to take on the day. Movement first thing in the morning is so important, because your body has been resting in the same position for many hours. This lets energy stagnate in your joints, and makes it hard to get going first thing in the morning. If you only have 5 minutes in the morning, join me for these stretches. If you have more time, why not try one of the other exercise videos over on YouTube.

And after you've moved your body, kick off your day with a nourishing breakfast from the free Warming Breakfasts ebook.

Happy weekend everyone!

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