New exercise video is here!

The last few weeks have been intense with Baby Zand's broken ankle. There has been no time at all outside of taking care of her. So sadly there have been a few weeks without new recipes, without new tips and tricks to bring more health and vitality into your life, and without exercising with me. I am slowly getting back into a groove, and counting the days until the cast comes off and my arms get a well deserved holiday :-). Until then, I will sporadically add a post here and there to tie you over. Today I've got a new exercise video for you over on the YouTube channel. I am showing you my three favorite complex Swiss ball exercises, that you can add to your routine for some extra fun and fire. These exercises are advanced and require a certain amount of base core strength. However, I do break them down, so you can always choose the easier options until you get stronger. As always, make it all your own.

A little extra note: make sure your Swiss ball has enough air. This will make a huge difference to how easy you will be able to perform these exercises.


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