Essential oils for seasonal allergies

As I am not too keen on New Year's resolutions, I simply chose a word to represent what I wanted to focus on this year: wellbeing. Wellbeing in all areas of my life. My health and that of my family, my relationships, my work, my finances, my body, my home. And one way to bring more wellbeing into my home was to use more essential oils again. I grew up with essential oils, my mother pulling out a different oil no matter what ailment I had. As a teenager I thought that was super uncool and just wanted a pill to take. Now years later I can totally appreciate how my mother really took amazing care of us in our home and of our bodies with essential oils.

Some of you may know that my mom is my absolute healing guru. Over the course of her lifetime she has acquired more knowledge than most of us can hope for. She has a Western medicine background, but has spent the last 25 years learning everything about other more holistic approaches such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Aromatherapy, Reiki, BodyTalk, and Colourpuncture to name just a few. She is a wandering encyclopedia for healing, and I often call her when Baby Zand or I suffer. In fact, the very first time she came to visit and met Arman, he had a terrible cold. Within a few minutes she had him lying on the sofa, put some of his own spit in his belly button, and tap him on his head and chest. :-) This all sounds so voodoo, and she definitely has had a hippie reputation with Arman ever since.

Coming back to my use of essential oils. I have made it my mission this year to use more of them in my home, diffusing them to lift my mood, clear the household of flu germs, and so much more. I have asked my mother to share her incredible knowledge with everyone here, so you too can benefit from essential oils.

This month she is writing about seasonal allergies, something a lot of us suffer from, including me. So without further ado, here is my mother Angelika, giving you all the tips and tricks:

Hypersensitivity and seasonal allergies are ususally a problem of the immune system overreacting to the pollen in the air. The essential oil of lemon can calm down the immune system and helps to activate the lymph. Activation of the lymph system is needed to eliminate the allergens (pollen) as quickly as possible, so the immune system doesn't get too many reasons to over-react.

Steam to help clear the sinuses

The best way to use lemon oil is to put 3 drops into a big pot with boiling water and inhale the vapor under a towel. The warm steam helps to clear the sinuses that often hurt because they are clogged.

Home and body spray

Make a spray by combining distilled water with a drop of alcohol and 20 drops of lemon for every 100 ml. The spray can be used around the house and on the body. Please don't go directly into the sun after using lemon essential oil, there is a danger of getting burned quicker.

Little helper in your pocket

Another very potent and excellent oil for allergies is peppermint. Put a drop of peppermint on a tissue and hold it close to your nose to inhale as often as possible. Try to avoid direct contact with skin as it can sting.

Make a cream for your chest, forehead, and temples

Make a cream by using 50 ml cream base or coconut oil and add 10 drops of peppermint oil. The cream can be used on the chest, on the forehead and near the temple to get relief.

Diffuse oil in your living space

Grab yourself a diffuser. You can find ones using a candle to create a wonderful atmosphere at home or electric ones, if you have kids or pets. For diffusing in your living space, add water to the diffuser cup, then add 6 drops lemon oil, 2 drops peppermint oil, and 2 drops frankincense oil.

Extra help for your liver

Allegies are often a sign that the liver is overworked. Use herbs like milk thistle to make an herbal tea to help flush out the liver. You can also make a hot liver with lemon essential oil to support the liver. To make the hot liver pack you need:

  • 1 cup high quality castor oil (organic, cold-pressed, and hexane free)

  • 2 drop lemon essential oil

  • 1 hot water bottle

  • 2 old towels

  • 1 plastic bag

  • 1 cotton or flannel pad

  1. Pour the castor oil in a bowl with the lemon oil. Soak the cotton or flannel pad in it. Yes it's messy :-)

  2. Place and old towel down on sofa or bed where you want to lie with the liver pack.

  3. Wear old clothes that you don't mind getting stained.

  4. Place the soaked pad on your bare abdomen, making sure to fully cover the right side of the ribs (this is where the liver is).

  5. Place the plastic bag on top, then the hot water bottle, and then another old towel. Lie like this for 10-30 minutes, rest and relax.

  6. Take off the towel and the hot water bottle. Fold the plastic with the pad in half, roll it in the towel, and keep it for the next use. You can re-use this same pad without needing to soak it again for up to 1 month.

Make sure you get 100% essential oils, preferably organic and therapeutic grade. There are a lot of different brands of essential oils out there, but not all of them actually have therapeutic benefits. You do get what you pay for.

To your healthiest you,


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