New exercise video for pregnancy is here!

Today's exercise video is for all of you moms-to-be. Even though I am currently not pregnant, I can vividly remember how much I suffered from excruciating back pain during my pregnancy. Our poor body goes through so many changes so quickly, our muslces and ligaments just can't keep up! While our abdominals separate to make room for growing baby, the back muscles work overtime to keep us upright even with the big belly in front. Back pain is inevitable during pregnancy, but you can help your body out by strengthening weak back muscles, and lengthening them with safe stretches. Come and join me for today's session that you can do at any stage of your pregnancy. You can add small dumbbells (1-2 kg/ 2-4lbs) to the back exercises if you have used them before you were pregnant. Otheriwse you may want to use a yoga block or cushion for help, you need a wall, a chair, and a mat. Check with your doctor before you do this video to make sure you are cleared to move. The video is now up on YouTube.

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Happy weekend,

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