Book of the month: July

“Money is not the problem. Your story about money is!!!!! Stop talking shit about it. Stop being so mean and nasty. Stop talking behind its back and acting as if it’s the most needy, annoying, and careless relationship only to complain about why it’s not showing up in your energy field (your life). Money isn’t judgmental towards humans, humans are judgmental towards money.”

After we dove into relationships with last month’s book, let’s tackle another huge topic that is vitally important to our health and happiness: money. I feel like “fat” and “money” are two of the most emotionally charged words out there, and often make clients extremely uncomfortable to talk about. Especially for us women money is still a topic often pushed to the back of our minds, as it’s either something we don’t have enough of, feel guilty about spending or something we leave up to our partners.

I myself have had a difficult relationship with money in the past. When you work in the wellness industry, there is a self deprecating belief going around that you should help others out of the goodness of your heart. That you shouldn’t earn money by helping others become healthier and change their lives. I was often told to give away my knowledge for free, to charge as little as possible, to let people come to classes for free just because they really need my help, and can’t afford it (read: don’t want to pay for it). Most practitioners in the wellness industry I meet feel this way. And it’s very frustrating, because hello, we still need a roof over our head and food on our table. Most people would never think about haggling with their doctor for blood tests they are getting done, yet it’s ok to think that moving through asanas for 90 minutes shouldn’t cost us anything. I think we can all agree that what yoga does for our mental and physical wellbeing is worth so much more than what our doctors can do for us in the 10 minutes they see us (no offense to all the wonderful doctors out there!!!).

As you can see, I have had quite a journey with money. Over the years I have read a LOT of books on money and handling finances. Most of them I found extremely exhausting, tedious, and not at all in line with what I believed. I’ve tracked every cent I have spent, analyzed it, and gone crazy looking at numbers. I have thrown out all my credit cards, and only bought things with cash. I have asked for money to come, lit a candle, and crossed my fingers that would work (it didn’t :-)). I have stopped treating myself to anything I loved or enjoyed. I opened 20 different bank accounts to have “pots” for every area of my life. And I have held on to everything I have earned. Don’t you also find all the advice out there extremely exhausting? (Kind of like all the advice around health?!?!?!?).

Even after following so much advice, there was always a constant feeling of lack in my life. Of course, the reality is that we are privileged: we have a roof over our head, nourishing food on our table, clothes to keep us warm, and fancy electronics (I am writing this on a device, you are reading this on a device). Yet when we don’t feel good about money in our lives, we can’t truly be healthy. They are so closely linked. We can’t truly be healthy when we are hiding our credit card debt. And we can’t truly feel abundant when we are suffering in pain. Health and money go hand in hand, so let’s dive into money. It doesn’t matter what your money story is, how much guilt and shame you feel around it. You can change it going forward.

Let me introduce you to this month’s genius author Peta Kelly. I love everything she puts out into the world, and her book “Earth is hiring” has been a complete mind shift for me on how to think about money, growing a business, and living in this world with alignment to what I truly want. This book is so much more than just a guide on how to deal with money. It’s some real talk from your best girlfriend on how to live your life with what YOU truly want without any BS.

“We borrow others’ ideas of how it should be. How happy we are entitled to feel, what we “should” do to be a good person comes from someone else. Mum, Dad, husband, wife, friends, everyone has their ideas of right or wrong, good or bad, noble, or whatever, but when we adjust our lives to fit into someone else’s ideals, one kink after the other [happens].”

From an early age on we adopt believes around money and wealth. I can’t tell you how many parents I have already met in playgroups that want their toddlers to become doctors or lawyers. Children grow up with the sense that they need to have top grades to go to top schools to get top degrees to land top jobs so that they can then earn the money and have the house and the life. Did you grow up that way? Yet I feel that there is a shift in the newer generations. And that is exactly who Peta speaks to in her book.

“Our generation has very quickly interrupted that advice with our divine intolerance for systems, and we’ve started to mould our own version of success, which involves a whole lot more freedom, creativity, travel, and sometimes a big ol’ flip of the bird to a mortgage and student debt. Why would we bust our balls so we can get a job that we don’t enjoy so we can bust our balls to pay off the years of school (where we busted our balls) so that we can buy a house we can’t afford and keep busting our balls to pay off said house so we can start a family and then keep busting our balls to support them? We are doing so much ball-busting that we have no time to spend with our family. That’s success? That doesn’t make any sense to us.”

Even though most of us have everything we want, we still want more. We are still so unhappy and yearn to have what our neighbors have. Peta gives it to us straight: we are missing the point. We are missing to live our life right now in the moment, because we are so busy chasing a dream that isn’t even our dream.

Most money books are by “old people”. I don’t mean to offend, but most books are by people who have somehow made a lot of money, wise investments, and then go on to want to teach this to us. When I read those stories, I really don’t identify at all with them. I have other visions of what I want my life to look like. My whole life I have traveled and worked in many different places, I have lived in little shacks and sold most of my belongings over and over again. I can honestly say that has made me so much happier than settling down in a house at 21 and never leaving again (although that is of course the life I now have and totally crave lol).

As I’ve said before, Peta talks to us like she is our closest girlfriend. She’s 29, has made a career in network marketing (don’t stop reading now :-)), and has since built an epic conscious business around helping entrepreneurs. Her advice isn’t just on how to make money, but how to circulate money consciously in this world.

Throughout these 300+ pages Peta helps you to identify your own believes around money and how you “should” live. She does so with so much humor interwoven with her own life story, and some real talk, like someone holding you by the shoulders, shaking you, telling you to wake up already.

“You do’t need a flashy car or a fancy watch, but if you do want nice things, have them. There is no lack of abundance in this world because you want something sparkly. Money wants to bring joy as much as it wants to bring change, and the key here is to eradicate judgement sent around what brings people joy.”

This book doesn’t ask you to give up everything you love and want. It doesn’t come from a place of lack, but from a place of abundance and living in alignment with what truly makes you happy. It is about finding joy, so you can create more, do more, live more.

There are so many good take aways from this book, here are my top 10:

  • Vibration is basically an energetic text message you are sending to the world. Raise your vibration, send better messages to the world and everyone around you.

  • Go ahead and say no to things that don’t bring you joy: every time you say yes to something you really want to say no to, every time you take on someone else’s belief around something just because that’s how it should be, you are moving further away from your purpose - how you are meant to show up in this world.

  • Be human AF - it’s ok to do yoga and also get angry on the road, it’s ok to be environmentally conscious and still buy a bottle of water at the airport, it’s ok to eat to nourish you and still enjoy a pizza with your friends. You don’t need to be perfect - you are human AF!

  • Money isn’t yours or mine, it doesn’t belong to anyone. Money is constantly being circulated and moves from one person to the next. It is not our responsibility to hold on to it, but our responsibility to circulate it wisely. Use it to pay for products and services you believe in, that can make a difference in this world.

  • Let’s build conscious businesses: businesses that have Mother Earth and the future of our children in mind. There is nothing wrong with a business being profitable and allowing you to live your wildest dreams. Hwoever, once you become a parent you are also suddenly super aware of the kind of earth you want to leave to your offspring, so build with them in mind.

  • Re-write your money story! Peta provides a template, a step-by-step guide to get you to where you want to go, no matter what your story was before.

  • Ask yourself all the time “how can it get any better than this?”. Invite more goodness into your life rather than dwelling on all the things that are going wrong and not happening for you.

  • Thank money for showing up in your life, for allowing you to get your new favorite pair of shoes, to buy organic food for your family or to put a roof over your head. Thank money for everything, because would you want to do so much for someone else and not get thanked for it?!?

  • Failure is never bad. It is a step in the right direction, it gives you an opportunity to learn, and start something new and even better and bigger. Failure is always the beginning, never the end.

  • And most of all, understand that our life is a privilege.

“So tomorrow when you suit up (in your mickey mouse tee and ankle socks and whatever underwear you do or don’t wear), open your laptop and prepare to unleash your epic-ness onto the world through that keyboard, remember what a privilege. And whatever suckiness enters your day, remember what a privilege. And whenever resistance creeps in and makes you scroll through Facebook just as you’re heating up and crushing your tasks, remember what a privilege. And when your accountant asks you to look over your statements and you eye roll as if it’s as bad as crawling through a barricade of grenades, remember what a privilege. And when your emails pile up and you have a little tanty about yours or someone else’s inefficiency, remember what a privilege. And when your program launch is delayed by four weeks and it messes up your entire schedule, remember what a privilege. And when you’re lacking motivation and you need to hear those three words that put that fire under your butt, remember this…


Get the book, and get reading. I am sure you will love this as much as I did!

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