New exercise video: Restore in a time of stress

It's YouTube Friday, and today I have a got a special treat for you! Today you will see how I move 80% of the time to restore my energy, calm my monkey mind, and feel alive to run after Baby Zand all day. On my daily health tips on Instagram stories I recently shared how high intensity exercise doesn't work for everyone, and leaves a lot of us feeling more depleted, exhausted, and like we just got hit by a train. After receiving a ton of comments and questions around this, I wrote a more extensive post this week on why our body sometimes can't handle high intensity exercise. Today I want to show you what to do instead, because after all, moving our body is healthy, and we don't want to cut that out completely. Restore strings together a handful of restorative yoga poses that use a lot of equipment - pillows, blankets, and blocks - to get you into a super restful and comfortable position every time. Today is not about pushing yourself to the limit and coming into crazy poses, it is all about calming your nervous system down to truly relax, rest, and recover. I know that a lot of you will be worried about the amount of calories you are not burning during this session. Please trust me when I say that you can lose weight more efficiently when your stress hormones are completely balanced in you body. And through today's session you will bring them into balance. Enjoy!

As a little bonus, if you have an eye pillow, an eye mask, or even just a small towel that you can drape over your eyes during the last pose, you will find even deeper, more delicious relaxation.

To check out how your stress hormones and exercise go hand in hand, read the blog post here.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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