New foam roller exercise video is here!

It's YouTube Friday, and today I am going to show you that you can use your foam roller for more than just a quick massage and tension release (although those are amazing, too!). With a little bit of creativity, your foam roller can give you a full body strength session while working deep into your core. While there are difference in foam rollers (strength, grid or no grid), you can use any roller you already have. If you currently don't own one, I suggest buying a softer density one without any grids for now. They are usually cheaper, which means you can test them out and see if you enjoy using them. Then you can always upgrade later. Just make sure it's long so your whole spine can lie on top of it. If you own a shorter one, you can use that for now for most of these exercises.

Now grab your roller, use a yoga mat or carpeted area, and let's go. These 30 minutes will fly by!

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Have a wonderful weekend!

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