An inversion tutorial is finally here!

The video so many of you have been requesting is here! Today we are going to tackle inversions. Don't freak out, and don't run away. Most of us think of fancy Instagram worthy handstands at the beach when we hear inversions. The reality is that an inversion is any pose that brings your head underneath your heart. All day long your body is pumping blood against gravity, so from your heart to your brain as well as from your feet back up to your heart. That is a lot of work! Giving these little pumps a break by turning yourself upside down is wonderful for better circulation, higher energy levels, and overall health. BUT that doesn't mean you need to become a circus artist. Simple poses such as putting the legs up on the wall or coming into a downward dog are technically already inversions to give you benefits. Today we willl prepare our core to support us better in two of the easier inversions: the plough and the shoulder stand. Everyone can do these with a few modifications, and you will feel so proud and strong after doing them. Come and join me for the next 30 minutes. And if you don't actually want to get into the inversion in the end, no problem at all! Just skip it and join me for all the core work.

I think it goes without saying that this is not a routine for you if you are currently pregnant. The intense core work and folding inversion don't leave baby enough room. Skip this video, and choose from the many other ones. On top of that, if you are currently on your cycle, listen to your body. Anatomically speaking there is nothing wrong with doing an inversion while you are on your cycle, but maybe energetically you don't like the feeling of blood flowing back into your body. So listen to your body, and do what feels good for you, no matter what I tell you is ok to do. You can always head on over to the video for your cycle if you prefer, and come back to this video another time.

Now, let's go! All you need is a mat today, and 30 minutes.

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Have a great weekend,

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