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"In addition to autism, we have seen exponential rises in other brain-related problems among children, including attention deficit disorders, anxiety, and depression. While genetics are part of the equation, I believe that we are poisoning our children’s brains at a time when they are most vulnerable, a time when they are developing rapidly, exposing them both to untested chemicals and to known neurotoxins.”

Let me start this month’s book review with saying that I am not against vaccines, nor is this book, clearly with the title “vaccine-friendly”. If you would like to unfollow me for bringing up this topic, then please go ahead, that is your right. If you want to learn more about how to make your child healthier, then continue reading :-).

I think vaccines that have been around for a long time and have been tested extensively, definitely have a place in our lives to eradicate diseases that we now don’t know anymore, such as polio. However, what really bothers me in all vaccine discussions is how we never talk about side effects of toxins on our body. I am not saying that a vaccine causes a disease, but it is just common sense that putting toxic substances in our body will eventually lead to inflammation and disease.

“I tell parents that when it comes to toxins, one plus one does not equal two: It could equal ten or one hundred. When we mix small amounts of toxic chemicals together, it can create a much larger negative effect than separate exposure to either toxin on its own.”

The problem is that our children are overloaded with toxins the second they enter our world. So while the level of toxins in vaccines used to be minuscule, it is now another addition to a long list of toxins we expose our children and ourselves to. Some of these toxins are things we can influence - such as the food we choose to eat, and the products we clean our house with. Other toxins are just in our environment and difficult to control. On top of that we keep adding more vaccines to the vaccination schedule, again adding more toxins to the small bodies of our children. To me, the most important thing is to always make sure that our detox- and elimination pathways are open. This is the topic of my new ebook, coming out soon! When we are able to efficiently deal with toxins, and we can eliminate them, then they can cause no or very minimal harm in our body. However, when our body is so filled with toxins that it doesn’t know how to handle them all anymore, then our organs suffer like the liver and the brain. This is where this book is such a gift to any parent, because it empowers you with knowledge. It empowers you with knowledge to know what is in vaccines, and when you get them how to prepare your child’s body to make sure it can optimally handle the vaccine. This book creates a very holistic approach not just to vaccines but for the overall health of your child. It covers many toxins in our daily lives, and how we can try to limit or completely eliminate them, to make sure our children can thrive. And isn’t that what ever parent wants?

“It’s not hard for parents to understand that chemicals like Drano are extremely toxic and that they need to do everything they can to keep them away from their children. But it is much harder for parents to understand that even very small amounts of everyday chemicals, though not immediately poisonous, can devastate our children, especially their developing brains.”

Some of the toxins covered in this book:

  • Acetaminophen: the chemical in paracetamol found in Tylenol, DayQuil, Vicks, etc

  • Aluminum: yes, the very aluminum that you use in the kitchen as foil and that can also be found in pharmaceuticals

  • Aspartame: the artificial sweetener of NutraSweet used in sugar free beverages and foods

  • Endocrine disruptors: any chemical that changes the hormones in our body for example BPA, DDT, dioxin, PCB, pesticides, herbicides, flame retardants, etc

  • Fluoride: in toothpaste, drinking water, Teflon pans, pesticides and processed foods

  • Methanol: in any food product with aspartame, also in smoked fish and meat, canned foods, and in cigarette smoke

  • Mercury: a heavy metal found in dental fillings, fish, and as a preservative in some vaccines (in the form of thimerosal).

The vaccine discussions have become such a parent shaming circus - you can’t really win whether you choose to vaccinate or not. Instead of focusing on vaccines, why don’t we focus on toxins and how we feed and bring up our children, to make sure that side effects are limited. We all want healthy children, and I always believe it comes back to the plate of food we feed them. When I once had a discussion with Baby Zand’s pediatrician, I left sad and deflated. Mostly because I was told that Baby Zand has much more toxin exposure in her food than through a vaccine. And I 100% disagreed with that statement, since I know exactly what goes into her body, and I eliminate foods that could harm her. In a world where we as mothers can’t ever really express our opinions about vaccines and our worry of getting so many shots at one doctor’s visit, I think what we can do is to make sure that we do everything in our power to help our children deal with side effects. If you have a child, no matter what age, read this book! It will guide you through all childhood and adult vaccines, it will teach you about toxins, how they work in children’s bodies, and how to eliminate toxins from your life step by step. It is a book I keep coming back to year after year.

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