This week on Insta Stories!

Last week on Instagram I shared my journey with cancer, how my dad was diagnosed with cancer when I was pregnant with Baby Zand, how I dove into all the research around cancer and diet and lifestyle changes. I taught him everything I knew, and then shoved all of this to the back of my brain, hoping that I wouldn't need it again. Cancer has hit again in our closest circle, and again I am diving into tons of exciting research. I asked you if you wanted to know this information, and you all said yes! So here we are. On Insta Stories the daily health tips this week will all be around cancer; cancer prevention and also how to make diet and lifestyle changes that can go hand in hand with conventional cancer treatment if you are currently going through chemotherapy or radiation. I hope this information will help you to help yourself and a loved one, because we all get confronted with cancer at some point in our life. If you want to know more, hop on over to Instagram every day this week!

See you there!