New exercise video for the mama-to-be

Welcome to YouTube Friday! It's been a year of weekly exercise videos, and I still have hundreds of ideas, so I guess I will continue to be here every Friday :-). I've heard so many great things from you; requests for special videos, how much you are loving that you don't need to leave your home to exercise, and how you feel like I am right there with you guiding you through the exercises. I love hearing from you, so leave me a comment or send me a love note anytime you have input!

Today's video is for all mamas-to-be. Pregnancy can be painful. Your lower back muscles work overtime to keep you upright, making them super tight and causing back pain. Your abdominal muscles are being pushed to the maximum to make space for baby, making them weaker and loser. And your hips have to carry so much extra weight around while at the same time opening up to get ready for birth. There is so much happening so quickly, your body can't keep up with all the demands, and we end up with aches and pains. Today's video will help you feel stronger while working on some of the common complaints: tight hips, painful lower back, and bad posture.

Let me just remind you, if you never exercised before your pregnancy, this is not the time to start. Yes, you want to move your body and stay healthy, but going for walks will be much more useful than trying poses and exercises you've never attempted when your balance and strength were at their optimal.


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