Fitness Advent Calendar

Welcome to the Fitness Advent Calendar! I am so excited you are here to join me for the next 25 days for just 10 minutes a day to check in with yourself, move your body, and reduce your stress levels. The holiday season can be a time of endless to-do lists, feeling run down, and waiting for January to finally get here so this shopping and party madness is over. Why not actually enjoy this year's holiday season? That is where this Fitness Advent Calendar comes in. We all know we "should" exercise (for most of us because we feel like we are eating too much until the end of the year). However, exercise in December can often just add another item to your to-do list making you feel overwhelmed and guilty. I am here to let you know that you don't need an hour at the gym to make it count. 10 minutes a day to often just check in with yourself and focus on breathing can give you huge results in terms of feeling more relaxed, reducing stress levels, and helping with your expanding waist line.

For the first week of the Fitness Advent Calendar we are going back to the basics. You don't need any fancy equipment, just a mat for the next few weeks. You can do these sessions anytime and anywhere. Today we will focus purely on breath. Even though there are no burpees (yet!), I urge you not to skip today's session. You will learn how to breathe to properly engage your core for all exercises that will follow. Plus I will teach you all about stress reducing breath that you can even use during other moments of your days when you just feel overwhelmed or anxious. I am so excited you are here! Let's get started.

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Happy 1st of December!

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