Fitness Advent Calendar

Welcome back to the Fitness Advent Calendar. Today we are working on shoulder stability. Our shoulders are a very lose joint without a lot of stability, which means it is prone to injuries. When we work on our hands in planks, push ups, downward dogs, burpees, etc we want to maximize a good shoulder position, so we don't injure ourselves longterm. Isolate some of your shoulder stabilizers today, and you will feel it tomorrow in your upper back!

Today I am leaving for Germany, and I have been a stressed out bundle of nerves this week. There is a reason I wrote the "Surviving the Holidays" ebook - because it is what I need to remind me to keep calm during the holidays and enjoy this time of the year. All year long I have put self care rituals in place to keep me somewhat more relaxed, and they have worked these last few days. Check out the ebook here with so many tips on how to be less stressed, delicious, nourishing recipes, and three 30 minute exercise videos with me.

Have a great day!

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