New #selflovejanuary exercise video is here!

The last video of #selflovejanuary is already here on YouTube! Today we are focusing on joint health and stability. It is very common for my female clients to have very lose, hyper flexible joints, especially if they have recently been pregnant, are nursing or have just stopped nursing. Our hormones naturally make us loser in our joints, so that our pelvis can open up for childbirth. Sadly, this also affects other joints such as our elbows and knees. When we exercise without stability in our joints, we wear out the joints and make them more prone to injuries and long term damage. No one wants a hip replacement, so let's focus on how to keep our joints stable when exercising. Come and join me for just 30 minutes today.

If you have any wishes for exercise videos you would like to see, please let me know in the comments below or send me a love note. I love to hear from you!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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