New exercise video for new moms

Is your baby finally asleep, and you have a few minutes to take care of yourself? Let's dive right in then! Whether you are in your first 6 weeks post-partum or birth is already a little while ago, this exercise video will help you to reignite your core. I just ask that you wait until stitches have healed, so you don't blow through them with your expanding breath. Check with your doctor if you are cleared to move.

During these 20 minutes you will learn how to release abdominal muscle tension that keeps your abs separated, you will re-learn how to engage your pelvic floor with every breath, and you will be able to follow along a progression of core exercises to get stronger again. Our core is our foundation in our body for healthy movement and good posture. Especially when you are nursing or carrying a baby all day, you want to make sure your core is properly engaged, so you don't suffer from pain or a leaky bladder in the future. Here is the video.

Here are some more tips for you all new moms:

I hope you enjoy this video. If there is anything else you would like to see, just leave me a comment below.

Lots of love,

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