Come and join me mama!

It's YouTube Friday! Today we are tackling one of my least favorite topics - morning sickness. When I was pregnant with Baby Zand, morning sickness was with me all day every day for almost the entire pregnancy. I basically lived on the floor of my bathroom for months on end. While exercising was the last thing on my mind, going out for a walk in fresh air, as well as moving with deep breath really did help to alleviate nausea and make me feel less sick - physically and mentally! So today I've got my favorite 3 poses for you that will help you slow down a little and bring back a sense of comfort and relief. You will need a few props to make yourself extra comfortable:

  • a chair, the edge of your bed or a stool

  • a couple of yoga blocks, books or small pillows

  • a yoga bolster or 2 big pillows

  • blankets and a yoga mat

I hope this video will help you to feel better soon, so you can enjoy the journey of your pregnancy and the transition into motherhood.

Are you suffering from back pain during your pregnancy. Then check out this video to help ease the constant tension on your back muscles.

Lots of love,

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