Book of the month: May

"Abby, you were never Little Red Riding Hood. You were always the Wolf. There is a wolf inside of every woman. Her wolf is who she was made to be before the world told her who to be. Her wolf is her talent, her power, her dreams, her voice, her curiosity, her courage, her dignity, her choices - her truest identity."

You may be wondering why I chose this book as the book of the month. Yes, I may be into sports, so reading a book of the top soccer goal scorer in the wold (both for men AND women!) may seem along the lines of my interests. But the truth is, Abby Wambach means so much more to me. She is a true goddess, a pack leader, a wolf. Abby and her partner Glennon Doyle are THE trailblazers for all women. They are the leaders we need in this world to promote kindness, and to lift each other up. They show us what we can do, when women come together. We are so much more powerful in pack than we are alone, and this book will get your all fired up!

"So don't just ask yourself, "What do I want to do?" Ask yourself: "Who do I want to be?" The most important thing I've learned is that what you do will never define you for long. Who you are always will."

Every time someone asks me what I do, I cringe inside, and have no idea what to say. Am I a stay at home mom? Am I a nutritionist? Am I a Pilates teacher or fitness professional? Am I the housekeeper? All I really want to be saying is "I help people". Yes, my vehicle to help people may be with their nutrition, wellness, health or their fitness, but it can also be just by being kind, listening, helping drive the kids to school or cooking a meal when you are sick.

"Championing each other can be difficult for women because for so long we have been pitted against each other for the token seat at the table. Maintaining the illusion of scarcity is how power keeps women competing for the singular seat at the old table, instead of uniting and building a new, bigger table."

I have been in the wellness industry for over 15 years, and it is not an easy industry to be in. Women can get so territorial and defensive when it comes to their businesses, their knowledge, and their ideas. I have never prescribed to this, and have given endless hours to helping other women build businesses in the same industry, maybe even in the exact same niche that I am in. Why? Because first of all I believe that there is enough for everyone - and this is also true for customers. There are enough clients to hire all the nutritionists in the world or go to all of the fitness classes that are being offered. Secondly, my goal in life is not to have a monopoly on helping others - my goal is to help as many people as I can. So if I can help another woman build a business, and she can help more women, then I have indirectly just helped a bunch more people than I could have by myself. Sadly, over the years I have found that that is just not the mindset. Women can be vicious, mean, and really aggressive when it comes to working together. And I am sure this doesn't just apply to the wellness industry.

"We amplify each other's voices.

We demand seats for women, people of color, and all marginalized people at every table where decisions are made.

We celebrate each other's successes.

We express gratitude and give credit to those who contributed to our own successes.

And when one of us falls, we support her rise."

This book is a very quick read - you can finish it in one sitting - but you will never be the same! This book truly makes you step into your own power as a woman, and help other women along the way. Get it now!

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