Grab your gliders or a towel

It's YouTube Friday! Today we are going to use gliders (sliding discs) to fire up our lower body. If you don't have gliders, don't despair, you can always use a kitchen or hand towel or a plastic folder will often work, too. I prefer to do this on hardwood floors rather than carpet, because in the carpet your glider can often get stuck, and you can end up hurting yourself. You can find gliders on Amazon, I have seen them at Target, and at fitness equipment stores.

Now that we have talked about all the technicalities, let's hop into 10 minutes of working with the gliders for a full lower body burn. Lunges become so much more efficient when done slowly and controlled with gliders, because you have to use more of your core to balance yourself. Give it a try, I am sure you will fall in love with the gliders.

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Happy weekend!

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