Book of the month: July

"It's been said that kids don't come with an owner's manual. Actually, they do... in a way. Some real clues to understanding your children are written in their astrological signs. Each zodiac sign is encoded with amazing information to help you understand your child's "automatic settings.""

Ok, I know I am making this site weirder by the month. Last month I talked about crystals, and this month it's zodiac signs! I am just keeping it real with you. I have read many parenting books - most of which I have burned and buried. And I have read most of the self-help section at our local book store. Yet, there are many things that I still don't have answers for, so I feel totally ok with taking it to a whole other level: astrology!

"Hey, baby, what's your sign? When people ask you that, what they're actually referring to is your sun sign - in other words, the zodiac sign that the sun was visiting when you were born. The sun travels around the earth once a year, slowly passing through each of the zodiac signs over the course of a month. Whichever sign the sun was visiting when we were born is our sun or zodiac sign. In astrology, this reveals someone's essential character and personality."

Astrology isn't just what you see on the last page of a women's magazine, where you are told that a big obstacle will be in your way this month. Instead, astrology is actually based on the position of the earth, sun, and other planets at the exact time and place of your birth - which means that all of us have a very unique chart.

"Looking to astrology can help you tailor your parenting in ways that play to the strengths, and sometimes weaknesses, that are unique to you and your child."

Do you know why this blows my mind? Because often we have two completely different children with the exact same parents. They parented pretty much the same (yes, you can argue one child was an only child for a little while, but still...), had the same rules and values. Yet, the kids are so different, and how you parented one child didn't work with the other. That's why I find this book and astrology so incredibly interesting.

The book is structured to first give you an overview of astrology, your zodiac sign, the ruling planets, and the twelve houses. Then there are chapters on your child's sign, diving deep into the likes and dislikes of your child, what obstacles might be in your way of parenting your child, plus so many useful tips on other books to read for your exact parenting problems. The section of your child will guide you all the way from the newborn stage to teenage years, and what you can expect from your child.

Then there is an entire section just devoted to your mommy style, talking about how your zodiac sign parents, and how you can bring that into the unique relationship with your child.

Here are some of the things that came up for Baby Zand (Scorpio) and myself (Gemini) where my jaw just dropped open:

  • Scorpio is the sign of bonding and has a strong need to be attached - often through physical closeness - to the very few people this little one trusts. (Have you seen our recent Instagram stories where Baby Zand is all over me?!)

  • "I dare you to stop me" is this kid's MO. That's when you need to be extra firm with limits; otherwise, Scorpio will keep pushing the envelope. (Oh yes, she will!)

  • Gemini is the sign of the Twins, so you'll really want a playmate and a child in one. Unrealistic? Maybe at some stages but not if you take the long view of motherhood. Although you may need to grit your teeth through endless readings of Goodnight Moon when your kid is young, think of yourself as investing in a lifelong friendship. Strange as that sounds, that thought might just get you through the more demanding days. (My mom is also a Gemini and this could not be more true for us- friends for life!).

  • Some Gemini moms may have a measure of guilt about having so many balls in the air. My challenges? Patience, a constant sense of guilt, and a seemingly black vortex of not having enough time to do what I want for myself, my career, and my kid. (Oh yes, the balls that keep dropping all over the place...)

  • The kitchen is another bonding place, as both of your signs can be amazing cooks and bakers. (Clearly this is all we do all day!)

"Does astrology make motherhood a perfect process or provide a magic pill. Alas, no. That's simply not the nature of parenting. It's a constant balancing act among your needs, their needs, family dynamics, and well, life. But what if some of the answers just happen to be written in the stars? Then reach up to the cosmos and grab yourself some extra help. Mama, you deserve it!"

I honestly wish I had this book from the beginning of my motherhood journey. It has answered so many questions for me already, and I feel like someone truly gets me - the universe. Throw out your other parenting books, and get this one. It will blow your mind.

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