You asked for it, it's here!

It's YouTube Friday, which means I have got another exercise video for you to get you moving at home in minimal time. Last week I had you vote if you wanted TRX Tone or Barre & Ball, and even with so many of you voting, it was split exactly 50/50. So after last week's TRX Tone, here is now Barre & Ball for you.

You can do this session at home with a chair, kitchen countertop, tabletop, or even against a wall. You can use any ball you have lying around, just deflate it slightly, so you can properly grip and squeeze it. This session will work your entire body, as you are using your upper body and core to stabilize your lower body moves. It's a burner! I hope you enjoy it.

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I would love to hear from you. Do you like videos with equipment or without equipment better? Leave me a comment below.

Have a great weekend.

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