Come and join Lunges & Laughter

Do you feel like there is never enough time to take care of yourself after you have hustled the kids through the morning routine of waking up, breakfast, brushing teeth, and dropping them off at school? Or are you a stay at home mom with a newborn attached to you 24/7, and you feel hungry for fresh air and ready to connect with other moms?

This is your chance to come join other mothers to move, meditate, and share. We will move our bodies through a combination of Yoga and Pilates exercises to strengthen and soothe aches and pains. We will turn inwards for a few minutes to calm our minds from our never ending to do lists, and share what is in our heart with our new friends. It is an hour just for you while getting some fresh air, and letting your happy hormones dance in the sun.

Every Monday 10-11AM

Alameda Beach opposite Sushi House

2375 Shore Line Drive

Alameda, CA 94501

$15 per person - book here.

Newborns and babies in car seats or on blankets are welcome!

Bring your own mat, blanket, and water. And a swimsuit in case you want to jump into the waves :-)

I hope to see you there!

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