Dust off your dumbbells

This week over on Instagram I asked you what kind of equipment you would like to see more of for Friday's YouTube videos. The overwhelming answer was dumbbells. Most of you have a light set lying around, but don't know what to do with them and they are just collecting dust. So here we go, today's YouTube Friday video is completely dedicated to dumbbells that are anywhere from 1-4lbs. We will work your entire body. It gets difficult very quickly with intense use of your core and balance. You can always choose the easier options. You make this all your own :-)

I hope you enjoy the video. Make sure you follow along on my daily Instagram stories, so you can also vote for what you like to see on YouTube Friday. And please leave a comment if you have any wishes for videos or pieces of euqipment.

These are the dumbbells I use:

You can always use water bottles, cans of beans or anything else that is slightly heavier than the weight of your arms.

Have a great weekend,

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