Thanksgiving recipe roundup

Thanksgiving week is here! Sometimes I have to pinch myself. I am so incredibly grateful to this entire community that we have all built together. I love that every day I get asked intimate questions about your health and your wellbeing, even though you may have never met me in person. As much as the internet and social media often give me anxiety (read all about that in my last Instagram post here), there are many times when I just feel grateful that it also brings us all together from all over the globe. Thank you for being here, and letting me talk endlessly about all the topics I am so passionate about!

For ideas on what to make, scroll down - I have shared all my favorite Thanksgiving recipes with you.

Salads and appetizer to get the party started:

Roasted mushrooms with arugula pistachio pesto - the juiciest appetizer ever!

Green minty tapenade - for a cheese board or with crackers

Fall harvest kale salad

Buckwheat salad with roasted butternut squash and parsley

Barley and Brussels sprouts salad with maple tahini dressing

Veggie sides to fill up your plate with goodness:

Bejeweled broccoli - for some color on your plate Garlic sage butternut squash mash - not just your regular mash Green beans with almonds and garlic - super easy and super delicious Spicy cinnamon roasted sweet potatoes - a flavor bomb Rosemary roasted potatoes - put them in the oven and forget about them

Cranberry sauce - nothing like the jelly out of the can

Desserts to die for:

Sticky date pudding - always a crowd pleaser!

Raw pecan cherry pies - for the pie feeling without the much needed nap afterwards

Apple crumble - fruity and light

Pumpkin spice balls - a sweet little delight

Pumpkin chocolate balls - because there always needs to be chocolate!

I hope you have a wonderful week filled with loving family and friends time and of course delicious food! Thank you for being you.