Stress Less Holiday Advent Calendar

Welcome to Day 6 of the Holiday Advent Calendar. So many of you told me you are stressed out about traveling and not being able to keep to your regular fitness routine. Don't despair! I've got a travel fit session for you today. This video is for everyone who doesn't have time, no space, and no equipment. You don't even need to get down on the floor for this session, and there is no jumping in case you are staying with family and don't want to wake up anyone. And the best thing, you can do this in any clothes you want!

If you want more quick exercise ideas for the holidays, check out the last two years of Fitness Advent Calendars. All the videos are 10-15 minutes long and don't need any equipment other than a mat or soft carpeted area (and sometimes a chair or wall for balance):

I hope you enjoyed today's video. I'll see you tomorrow!


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