Holiday gift guide for everyone you know

I know giving gifts can be super stressful, especially when we are just giving gifts for the sake of giving gifts and spending money, rather than giving gifts to spark joy and to care for someone we love. Make sure to watch today's Stress Less Holiday Advent Calendar for some tips on how to re-think gift giving.

In order to help you feel a little stressed out this holiday season I've put together a gift guide with some of my favorite things I love to give.

Kids of all ages

Ok, here is the thing: most kids have way too much stuff and the older they get the more they ask for things you know they will rarely play with. Again, I hate giving gifts just for the sake of giving, but I also think that giving gifts to children is the funnest thing to do for Christmas. So I have compiled some of my favorite toys and books for younger kids. For older kids I like to think of activities that are fun to do in your area. Gift vouchers for activities and a day spent together is the perfect idea. For example we have trampoline park close by that we love. You can find interactive museums, movies, theater performances (such as the Lion King musical). Look for art and craft studios where they can make something out of clay. Take them to an amusement park, a parade, or other local holiday activities in your area. It doesn't have to be grand and expensive, and it doesn't always have to be the trendiest toy.

This was Baby Zand's favorite baby book. The rhymes are fun, the pictures gorgeous, and the story just heart warming!

We had a similar one to these and it has provided endless hours of fun in our house. What I loved most about it was that it was easy to pick up and bring it to another room. Hello quick shower for me while Baby Zand entertained herself with this next to the bathtub!

An inspiring toddler book at its finest. The art work alone is so worth it and the story makes me cry every time!