Stress Less Holiday Advent Calendar

Welcome to Day 21 of the Stress Less Holiday Advent Calendar. Today you are going to need a journal or just a simple piece of paper and pen. We are going to journal out our anger, frustration, impatience, annoyances, and whatever else you are feeling. Set yourself a timer for 2 minutes - maybe 4 if you have the time - and just start writing it all out. We don't want to explode by the time Christmas comes around, so let's get it all out! Come and join me :-).

If you need more help to get it all out, make sure to check out yesterday's exercise video of the Stress Less Advent Calendar (Day 20).

See you tomorrow!

P.S.: There are only a few days left to download the Holiday Menu ebook for free with 8 plant-based, delicious recipes for your Christmas party:

  • Gingerbread Oatmeal for the morning of the big feast to get you fueled for your kitchen tasks

  • Holiday Punch to get the party started

  • Cheese Board - yes, completely plant-based and sooooo good!

  • Avocado & Pear Bruschetta for an elegant start

  • Brussels Sprouts Salad with Beets to refresh your palate

  • Holiday Loaf for something substantial in your belly

  • Mushroom Gravy that will rival any meat-based gravy

  • Pecan apple Pies because no holiday is done without a pie!

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