Join me online for a 75 minute New Year's session: Move ~ Meditate ~ Manifest

It's so easy to make New Year's resolutions in the moment the clock strikes midnight but often these are just empty words with no real meaning or action behind them. Instead of making empty promises you know you will break by the end of January (often even before then), come and join me for an online New Year's session instead. We will move, wringing out all the old, sweating out the stuff we don't want to bring into 2020. We will meditate, turn inwards, and find an intention that we truly want to set for ourselves, we will break it down into real steps, and commit ourselves to these steps every single day.

Come and join me for this special event online. And the best part: you can do this anytime you feel ready to have some time to yourself this week. Just hop on over here to sign up and access it right away.

Happy New Year!

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