Whatever you do, don't make this your New Year's resolution or intention for 2020!

The temptation to set yourself an intention for weight loss is so high - I know! Now that the holidays are over, all the special food you looked forward to all year has been eaten, and the newest Keto Diet book has found its way into your stocking at Christmas, I know that you want to just set the intention of dropping 10 pounds or however much you feel you "should" lose.

Don't set yourself up for failure this year. How many times have you started a new diet on January 1st, a new intense exercise regime or a new morning routine only to forget all about it by the end of January? How many times have you felt like a failure for not sticking to your New Year's resolution but you have justified it with your crazy work schedule/ the kids not sleeping through the night/ the cold weather/ or whatever else?

Do you want to know the real reason you are failing to stick to that New Year's resolution? Because that diet you are trying out, that fitness regime that your trainer is prescribing you or that meditation app your friend recommended all have one thing in common: they don't work long-term! Short-term you may see some results: your clothes may seem to fit better, you can run a littler faster, and push a little more in your daily life. But anytime we push ourselves to an extreme, punish ourselves for the over-indulging during the holidays, and deprive ourselves of what fuels our body and soul, we set ourselves up for failure. And I don't know anyone who feels great when they fail. So on top of not reaching your goal you also feel full of shame. What a way to kick off the New Year!

You know that saying, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results? Well that is exactly what New Year's resolutions around your weight are! Even if you did the noble thing and didn't set yourself a weight goal but a goal of being able to walk up your stairs without getting out of breath, it's inevitable it's not going to work.

So why not try something new this year?

I truly believe that the only way we can make changes is if we educate ourselves. That is why in any of my classes, courses, ebooks or one-on-one sessions you will never have me prescribe a "diet" or specific way of eating. I honor that you want to change something in your life and for your health, and the best way I can help you is provide you with information on how your body works, how the foods we eat affect your body, and what happens when you move, when you are stressed, or when you sit too much. Once you have the knowledge, you have the power to change things you want to change without having to buy magic pills and powders, without needing to buy more diet books.

That is what the 4 Week Health Kickstarter is all about: learning the basics of nutrition so that for the rest of your life - no matter what stage of life you are in: pregnancy, motherhood, illness, running your first marathon, etc - you will know exactly how to eat to fuel your body and to feel alive.

We kick off on January 20th with an entire community of new friends who will want to learn alongside you. For 4 weeks we will tackle everything from "Does fat really make me fat?", "Are carbs the devil's work?", and "Can I truly eat as much protein as I want?".

If you want to know more about the 4 Week Health Kickstarter, just hop on over here or send me a love note.

I hope to see you in the course!


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