#selflovejanuary is here!

This picture perfectly captures what self-care looks like to me - complete zen, quiet, nature, just me, myself, and I. The reality is that self-care often looks much more like Baby Zand jumping on me while I am trying to meditate between piles of toys. It’s so easy to lose sight of taking care of yourself when you are a mother because other little people need you 24/7. BUT always remember this: only if you are cared for can you truly care for your family, community, and the world.

That is why a couple of years ago I started #selflovejanuary to get the year started with taking care of yourself instead of beating yourself up for everything you ate (or didn’t eat) during the holidays. The diet industry drives me absolutely crazy in January when everyone wants to sell you the newest detox, cleanse, weight loss fad or gym memberships. Please don't fall for it! None of this is truly going to help you. You may lose a couple of pounds that you will only gain again later in the year. The constant yo-yoing negatively affects your health longterm and the annoyance of having to use your brainpower to go on yet another diet!

Make January a month to put self-care routines and rituals into place that will help you all year long. Today we officially kick off with daily tips in Instagram stories, exercise videos on YouTube, and yummy recipes here on the blog. Every week will have a different theme you voted for:

  • Week 1: Rituals for more energy

  • Week 2: Rituals for restoration and better sleep

  • Week 3: Rituals for a stronger immune system

  • Week 4: Rituals for mindfulness

And to make #selflovejanuary even more special there is a new ebook out: Punishment Mentality - letting go of calories once and for all. You can get it for free for all of January if you use the code #selflovejanuary at checkout! It includes 10 steps to getting off the crazy diet and extreme workout train.

Here is to an amazing 2020!

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