A new ebook is here!

This year #selflovejanuary is getting its own ebook because it really deserves one! The endless posts of diets and grueling workouts hitting you from every side in January are annoying and not the way to making long-lasting health and weight changes. We can continue to use them as a band aid or we can get to the source of our mistrust for our body once and for all. In order to help you get off the punishment train I have put together this ebook - a workbook with 10 steps to letting go of calorie counting - both the calories you count when you eat and the calories you count when you "burn" them through exercise.

The ebook talks a little bit about my own journey. I know punishment very well. When I was in my early 20s working as a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist in Bangkok I was not happy with my weight. I was teaching people all day every day how to exercise and eat to lose weight and yet I couldn’t get a handle on my own. I tried to control every single aspect of calories - how many calories went in and how many calories were burned. I lived on tiny rice triangles and occasionally protein bars. I walked everywhere instead of taking public transportation, I worked out three times a day, and wore a heart rate monitor at all times of the day and night (does anyone remember those super uncomfortable, clunky things?). I would dream of pizza, pasta, and doughnuts, wake up hungry every night, and worked out until I would feel dizzy - and yet, the weight clung to me like Spanx.

My story may be one of extremes but that doesn't mean that most of us don't live similar ridiculous extremes of calorie counting - often disguised as doing something for our health. Especially the New Year is always a time to go on the newest diet trend to undo all of the damage from the holidays until we break the diet and go into the next bingeing cycle. These extremes seem like an easy way to keep our weight in check and have fun in life but these extremes are detrimental to our physical and our mental health. Imagine what you can do with your life once you free up your brain capacity from all of those worries about what to eat, what not to eat, and how much to exercise.

The calorie-in-versus-calorie-out hypothesis is the biggest lie we have ever been fed and yet most of us have a hard time letting go of it because we don't trust in the amazingness that is our body. This ebook is a small workbook to start you on a journey of self-love and self-care in a way that is sustainable longterm, that will give you real results of health for the rest of your life, and that will set you up for food freedom and a life filled with joy. I know it seems impossible when you are in the midst of calorie counting but please trust me when I say, I never ever think about calories, weigh anything (including myself), or worry about what I eat. I have felt like a fraud for many years in my career because I couldn't find the peace in my body that I was trying to make all the women I got to work with see in themselves. This ebook is dedicated to everyone whom I couldn't help at the time because I just hadn't learned the lessons myself yet.

For all of January this ebook is free if you use the code #selflovejanuary at checkout. Grab it here!


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