What does health mean to you?

The world seems to be going a bit crazy right now. While it may seem funny that toilet paper is sold out everywhere, what this actually shows is that panic is a very efficient tool to get people to lose all of their common sense. Because the Coronavirus is something new and we are made to feel like we should fear it - the death rate, the rate at which it spreads, the awful pictures the media shows day and night - we then try to cling to the few things we can control; this means buying all of the pasta and toilet paper we have space for because those things don't go bad and at some point we might need them, right?

Well, here is the thing that is even bigger to control: your health! The Coronavirus - as well as any disease - is not just magical fairy dust that you suddenly catch. Viruses of all kinds are all around us and within us. Whether we actually show symptoms and get sick has to do with the strength of our immune system and not whether we breathed the same air as the person next to us on the subway. I wish the media would focus on the things we actually can do - focusing on our individual health to keep our communities healthy and sane. But that wouldn't be breaking news... So it is up to you to find your path of ultimate health, to find the things that stand between you and a thriving body that will support you until you are old.

That is why I created the Ultimate Health Miniseries. It is a 5-part series that will focus on you understanding what health means to you, we will talk about how to get to ultimate health, and how to get rid of the biggest excuses (time and money anyone?).

Are you ready to transform your health? Come and join me! And because I love you, this series is completely for free. So invite your friends and family along to put a stop to the panic and focus on the things we actually can control: our own health.

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