The online Bounce program is here!

I have been waiting patiently to release this, and what better time to start bouncing than right now while we are all locked up at home? I am so excited to present to you the first online Bounce class broken down into several components as an online program!

Bounce was my signature class back at my old Alive Shanghai studio and not a week goes by when I don't hear from old clients who miss jumping around on the trampoline. Nothing brings a smile to your face and a sweat to your body like a trampoline does. It's super easy on your joints, it gets you lymph detox flowing which means you leave with a glow every time, and for a few minutes a day you can feel like a little child again.

As you may know, I used to be a group class junkie: both to teach and to attend. I loved the atmosphere of a class, the motivation I would get to move together with friends, and the creativity of instructors to push me in many different ways. I also loved teaching classes and helping people on their health journey.

Ever since Baby Zand has come into my life, group classes are a distant memory from a past life. I have only attended a handful of classes over the last four years because by the time I have found childcare, scheduled a class, found some clean exercise clothes in the closet, and braved the traffic, I am too exhausted to actually enjoy the class. Working out at home every morning has become my lifeline, the only way to get me moving and feeling alive. That is how I started filming the YouTube channel for you - a few sequences from my living room to yours to get you moving. However, the boundaries of doing a full program and using music I love is very limited on YouTube, and so the idea of an online Bounce program was born that stands completely by itself.

And today is the day it is finally here. I want to say there will be a few more programs this year, but let's see where this quarantine leads us :-). For now you can get the Bounce 2020 program which includes several components:

  • an introduction part which talks about the benefits of Bounce, what trampoline to buy if you don't yet own one, and how to set yourself up for success

  • 12 Bounce songs all broken down step by step so you can easily follow the choreography

  • 3 different programs to choose from: a 20 minute Express version, a 40 minute Extreme version, and a 60 minute Full Class.

If you are ready to join the fun, just click here.

Let's get bouncing!

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