A new Cozy Sunday Meditation is here!

Welcome to the newest Cozy Sunday Meditation. Today we are helping our body ease through PMS - however that may look like for you with back pain, cramping, exhaustion, or another low feeling. Lie yourself down, get cozy, and let's meditate together. ⁣

Why meditate instead of just curling up with your favorite TV show? Because meditation has been shown to reduce stress hormones in your body which negatively affect your progesterone-estrogen-balance - the reason we suffer from PMS. When estrogen dominates the second half of our cycle instead of progesterone, we become tired but wired, our breasts are throbbing, and we want to kill anyone who gets in our path. Other than stress, toxins are a huge factor when it comes to estrogen dominance. Just think of all the pesticides, hair and body products, and everyday things you use around your house that all work exactly like estrogen in your body making it impossible for your body to feel blissed out and calm for smooth sailing into your period. ⁣

If you want to read more about this topic, check out the Everyday Detox ebook.

For now enjoy this meditation. ⁣


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