A new exercise video is here!

Welcome to today's new video Ploughing On. At this time in history I think there is nothing more important we can do than slowly and continuously educating ourselves and progressing forward in dismantling racism all around the world.

As for this exercise video, it is also slow and constant progress in your core strength and long spine that will help you get into a plough pose/ jackknife. It's not so much about hitting the pose, but about the movement and work it requires to get you there which will get you stronger and more flexible.

This is not your traditional plough pose with a lot of pressure on your cervical spine. We are actually balancing more on our shoulder blades and really trying to use this pose as a way to lengthen our spine and work into our core. If you are suffering from high blood pressure, don't bring your legs all the way over your head (skip the last couple of minutes of the video but you can do all the other exercises leading up to it!).

Come and join me for this 15 minute video of deep core and spine work. You just need a mat or soft-carpeted area.


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