A new special summer deal is here!

Even though there is no summer travel this year, I am loving this summer! The slower pace at home, coming up with creative projects for Baby Zand, endless gardening, and not having so many clients message me frantically about their bikini body. Isn't this one of the nicest side effects of the pandemic? How we have gone away from being obsessed with how we look and instead focus more on how we feel? 

As days have merged into weeks and months, it has become quite obvious that we are in this for the long-run. Even with a few places opening up slowly again, a lot of questions around safety and health still come up every day. Honestly, to me it feels extremely overwhelming to navigate the many conversations that come with this (actually, my friend sent me a hilarious article today about how we can learn from safe-sex conversations on how to have conversations with friends and family around our Covid-safety. It's worth a read!). 

The one thing that becomes glaringly obvious to me is that nothing much will change this year and the only thing we can "control" is our health. A vaccine - the safety we all seem to be hoping to for - is still nowhere near in sight for us to go back to yoga classes, coffee mornings with friends, or regular school drop-offs. 

So this summer, instead of wasting time on your bikini body (Because hello, your body is ready for that bikini any day of the year! Go ahead and wade around in your toddler's lukewarm splash pool in the backyard.), spend some time taking care of your health. 

When your immune system is strong and you are healthy, it is much less likely that you will get sick and develop symptoms, even if you do test positive for Covid-19. 

So for this summer until end of August I am here to help you overhaul your health.


Daily health tips over on Instagram stories to share my best tips and tricks with you.

Ongoing delicious recipes over on the blog to keep you inspired and eating at home as long as possible. Yes, we may be missing some of our favorite restaurants, but we also know that no meal at a restaurant is ever going to nourish our body the way we can at home. 

The weekly Live Community Class will continue all summer long - completely for free! See below. 

And a new special summer deal is here to reach all of your health goals: sign up for Move with Martina for at least one month and receive 25% off on the 4 Week Health Kickstarter program*. That is a whopping $50 off for lifetime access to the most comprehensive and easy-to-apply nutrition information ever. 

Everything is online and it's like I am right there with you holding your hand while we move together, make delicious meals together, and while you learn everything you need to know to keep yourself and your family healthy. 

If you are not ready to take the plunge yet, then come and check out the FREE Ultimate Health Miniseries. You will see my style of helping you understand complex science, breaking it down into easy, useful information that you can apply in your kitchen and especially in front of the fridge for those nighttime snack attacks. 

I hope you will be joining me this summer in taking charge of your longterm health while wearing your bikini and being fabulous! 

Stay healthy!

To get the special summer deal, just sign up at Move with Martina.

* Sign up for Move with Martina and after the free 3-day trial you will receive an email with a special 25% discount code to the 4 Week Health Kickstarter.