Are you super sensitive to sound, light, and/or touch? It might be zinc....

Yesterday I shared zinc deficiency and a very distinct symptom of it in my Instagram stories and my DMs blew up over night. Apparently so many of us are suffering from sensitivities to sound, light, or touch. I talked about how I track my cycle and have realized that in the second half of it I tend to be super sensitive to these things. Ever since I started supplementing zinc in the second half of my cycle, this has become much better.

With my clients I always take the food-first approach before we add in supplements. Sometimes this can also happen at the same time but the important thing is that without changes in food, taking supplements is going to do nothing.

For example when it comes to zinc you need ample amounts of stomach acid to be able to digest and use zinc - whether from food or a supplement. However, most people on the Standard American Diet have digestive issues and often don’t produce enough stomach acid - or sometimes too much and then start taking antacids. Without changing the diet first, no amount of zinc supplements is going to help. ⁣

And if you do choose to supplement, please make sure to chat with me or another professional such as functional doctors, naturopaths, or nutritionists to assess how much you should be supplementing.

So let’s talk about what foods to eat more of that contain zinc. Zinc is abundant in animal-based proteins and if you ever needed an excuse to eat oysters, then this is it. Half a dozen oysters almost gives you 300% of your daily recommended allowance of zinc. ⁣

Now, let’s talk some plant-based sources of zinc that are super easy to integrate into your daily life. ⁣

  1. Oats: try them in the delicious rhubarb strawberry oat crumble pie for a summery dessert. ⁣

  2. Beans: all beans contain zinc. Check out my favorite recipe: the miso white bean dip, great as an appetizer or snack. ⁣

  3. Nuts: raw nuts are real powerhouses of nutrients and you will find nuts used in many snack recipes. Try these cashew lemon balls with coconut. ⁣

  4. ⁣Seeds: in case you have nut allergies then seeds might be a better alternative. These are the sesame vanilla energy balls. ⁣

  5. ⁣Whole grains: so many recipes to choose from on the blog but you must try the beetroot brown rice bowl. ⁣

  6. ⁣Mushrooms: this chunky mushroom soup is so comforting. ⁣

  7. ⁣Raw cacao: my favorite ingredient of all time coming to the rescue again! Try the chocolate raspberry energy balls.

Do you have more questions about zinc? Let me know in the comments below or contact me for a nutrition session.

Big hugs,

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