Being sad and angry isn't enough

I am sure your social media is blowing up about racism, protests, and #blacklivesmatter just like mine is. And rightfully so. And yet, what bothers me more than my own discomfort of sitting with my own realizations of my own white privilege are all the white people in the wellness industry posting something about light and love and that we need to dismantle racism mostly with a glamorous photo of themselves and then nothing. No action. No education. Nothing changes. Except a ton of battles of white entrepreneurs in the comments section on who is a better anti-racist. Why are we all missing the point?!

Most people feel sad and angry. I think most of us can try to put ourselves into the shoes of black people. But we will never truly understand. We will never understand what it feels like to live in fear every single day that this may be your last moment on earth, your last breath.

I don't have any answers. I just have ears to listen, eyes to read, and a heart that is open. What I don't have is patience for white people exclaiming how exhausting this weekend has been sitting there watching the news. Can you imagine how exhausting it must be to live your whole life like that? It is white privilege when we have the option to turn it off, tune it out, and go on with our daily lives as if nothing is happening outside.

Things are happening. Things have to change. Sit with your discomfort, ask the tough questions, and don't close your eyes just because it exhausts you. Yes, this work is exhausting. And yet, black people have to do it every day. So if you feel nothing for this situation and you don't have any other way to connect with this matter, start there. Start with the exhaustion of having to fight for your own basic human rights to just exist in this world.

I hope this is a moment to actually wake up and realize that we as the whole world can do better. Yes, right now all eyes are on the US. And yes, I have said before that I have always felt removed from it because I don't belong here. But the truth is everywhere I have lived in the world, there has been racism and my life has always been easier because of my white skin. And I am living in this country and raising a daughter here. So let's sit and listen and take action. Because being sad and angry isn't enough when it isn't followed with action to actually change things.

So for now I am staying muted. For one, I want to take this time to sit with my own discomfort and work through what I can do on a personal level. From a business side, I don't feel comfortable releasing a new ebook or exercise video when we all have more important work to do right now. I am going back to one of my "favorite" books on this topic "My and White Supremacy" by Layla F. Saad. What are you doing? Let's share.