Get Off The Emotional Rollercoaster With This Restorative Yoga Session

Election week is always extra hard for me living in a country where I don't get to vote but where the results very much influence my daily life and that of my daughter.

It's the ultimate test in patience and trusting in humanity while standing by and being able to do absolutely nothing.

And this week has been sad and exhausting, and I have lost all hope. 

Even if Trump doesn't win, the amount of women who still voted for him this year sickens me. 

A world where my daughter is objectified by toxic men sickens me. 

And yet, all we can do is soldier on, have the hard conversations with friends, because we must all know someone who voted for Trump, right? 

If like me, this week has exhausted you and left you feeling drained, then come and join me for today's new video Ground & Restore to get off the emotional rollercoaster of 2020 for a few minutes. 

All you need is a couple of pillows (or a yoga bolster) and a blanket to get you cozy.

Big hugs,