I am getting addicted to Instagram Reels!

I am just a dishwasher, standing in front of a dirty pot, asking it to wash itself...

So that I can finally get to bed, moisturize my dried-out hands, and get some rest from the endless piles of dishes that seem to magically accumulate themselves all day long. 

I have always cooked a lot. I have always had a lot of dishes. And yes, I also have an actual dishwasher. But somehow, those piles of dishes have exploded since the beginning of quarantine. 

There just seems to be no break - ever! 

I am either trying to whip up something in the kitchen to keep hungry mouths fed or I am cleaning up afterwards. 

Quarantine has made me realize that my kitchen isn't big enough to allow a build-up of dishes all day long. I have tried - oh, I have tried! 

That looked like me balancing a chopping board on my knee to slice an apple for Baby Zand because there was no space left on the countertops. 

So that didn't work. 

I have also tried pre-rinsing all the dishes, then stacking them up to either get loaded into the dishwasher later or rinsed properly - hoping the pre-rinsing saves me some time from the crusted-on food. 

That didn't work either. I just ended up doing the dishes twice. 

I have tried putting everything into the dishwasher, which I am adamantly against! Sharp kitchen knives should never go into the dishwasher. Neither should wooden spoons or bowls, pots, pans or plastic things (I write about that in the Everyday Detox ebook). So I ended up putting some of these in the dishwasher, they broke, and I ended up having to buy new ones. 

Well, that was a failure! 

So in the end, I have come up with these tricks to keep my dish washing to a minimum. Have you tried any of them? 

1. Use the same chopping board and knife all day long

I keep a chopping board with a knife out on the kitchen counter at all times so whatever small thing that needs to be sliced - a lemon for the water, an apple for Baby Zand - can be cut right there. No need to pull out a new chopping board and knife every single time. I clean it at night, and it goes back in the morning. 

2. Keep a bowl in your sink 

I keep a bowl or cup with warm water and soap in the sink and whatever cutlery gets used to measure, scoop, or eat things, goes in there. That way, nothing dries in between the fork's prongs and I don't have to scrub forever to get slimy peanut butter off a spoon. In the end, I take all of that pre-soaked cutlery and put it in the dishwasher. 

3. Cook once, eat three times! 

I implement my "cook once, eat three times" strategy as often as possible. I explained this over on my Instagram yesterday. For example I cook one big pot of brown rice, then I make it into three different dishes over the next few days. This means I don't have four pots cooking for every meal. 

There are seven more tips and tricks I will be sharing during the Wellness Week to help make your kitchen life more streamlined and easy-going, so that you can focus on the more important things in life like making it through another endless Zoom meeting. 

We kick off Wellness Week in one week and I am so excited to share all my tips, tricks, and tools with you to keep your sanity while continuing home-schooling and working from home, boost your immune system, and find ways to take care of yourself first.

Because when mamas thrive, everyone thrives! 

Join right here.

Come and check out the video I made with these tips on Instagram Reels right here.


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