I screwed up!

Full moon and play dates? What are we talking about here?!?

I’ve shared before that tuning inwards and listening to my inner cycle has dramatically shifted my energy levels as a mom.

It’s not crazy. It’s science. ⁣

Us women cycle our hormones every 28ish days. That means we simply don’t feel the exact same way every day. ⁣

Some days are higher energy. ⁣

Some days are lower energy. ⁣

And yet, society somehow expects us to show up the exact same way every day. That’s because of patriarchy and that will be a story for another day. ⁣

Today’s full moon reminds us to shine bright, to be social, and to plan as many play dates - on zoom or in person - as we want. We will be able to handle them. ⁣

Remember, a full moon is also a time to move big. There is a new Full Moon Flow up on Move with Martina.

So I did I screw up?

There is actually a funny backstory to this particular flow. I put up a new Full Moon and New Moon Flow up every month and I always go after my calendar that tells me what sign the moon is in. I then use a bunch of resources including my favorite book (Moonology by Yasmin Boland) to come up with the theme of this particular flow. Well, my calendar told me this full moon is in Aquarius. I planned a beautiful flow about change and overcoming overwhelm with so many changes this year. I put up the flow on Move with Martina, and then I realized the full moon is actually in pieces.

I thought about taking the flow down. I thought about re-filming it. And then I realized that this flow is what is needed right now. We need to accept change and we need to adapt to our lives. So I left the flow up and you can go do it anytime. It's strong, intense movement, followed by a beautiful meditation to turn inwards, and finishes with journaling to set intentions for this coming month. Come check it out here.

And if you would like more tips on overcoming overwhelm, come and join the virtual Wellness Week. We kick off on Monday, September 7th!


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