Introducing: Move with Martina

Many of you may know me from a time before Baby Zand changed my life and the course of my work. I was always helping women have more energy. Mainly because I myself was teaching fitness for about 14 hours a day and needed more energy. Yes, that was insane and I definitely didn’t have any kind of work-life-balance :-).  When Baby Zand was born I had already gone through a rough pregnancy where my physical abilities were far from what I was used to. Now all of a sudden I was recovering from a C-section, I had a newborn, we were moving halfway across the world, and so many other things all happened at the same time. To say I was exhausted was an understatement.  And yet, moving my body every day was a constant during that time that helped me not only to keep my sanity and physically recover from surgery, but it also helped me avoid all the common aches and pains we wake up with every morning: the pinched neck nerves from holding my daughter for far too long when she fell asleep on me, worried she might wake up if I moved. The excruciating back pain carrying that 15lbs bundle across airports. And the constant hunching over from breastfeeding. Yes, it is all part of motherhood but it’s not normal! We don’t have to feel this way. And I am so grateful that I knew how to make sure my body got some TLC. Not the same kind of intense 2-hour gym sessions as before, but the quick 10 minutes before making breakfast and running after Baby Zand all day.  Now, over 4 years later some of my needs of my body have changed but at the end of the day, the movement is still the same. I move to stay alive. I move to have more energy to keep up with my daughter. And I move to have some me-time - a new kind of work-life-balance if you will!  Isn’t that what we all need no matter what stage of motherhood we are at? We all want to feel better, more vibrant, and get a little bit of me-time. And realistically, that often doesn’t involve a gym or our favorite group class. That can be once in a while, but on a daily basis - especially right now during the lockdown - we need to turn to our mat at home.  That is why for a couple of years I have shared videos with you on YouTube to help you move efficiently. Now it is time for a new platform to bring you even more exercise videos into your living room. Whether you have 10 minutes, 30 minutes or an entire hour - there is something for everyone. For those days when you need to sweat it out, you will find higher intensity sessions. For days when you can barely crawl out of bed, there are slow and calm videos to help you restore your energy. And there is an entire library of meditations to help you navigate all of the motherhood challenges that come our way. It is a one-stop place for you to give your body some love without having to waste precious time looking for the right video or thinking about what you did in that one class you loved 2 years ago.  My hope is that this new platform will help you move your body and help you get your energy back. Because at the end of the day, if you have more energy for motherhood, you can raise amazing human beings that will lead our communities and our world in the future. When mamas thrive, everyone thrives!  Come and join now. There are already close to 200 videos (with over 20 unique videos you won't find anywhere else) and more will be added every single week. 

Move with Martina - come and join me.

Keep moving and stay healthy!

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